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Welcome to the receipt coder project. On every weekend (actually it looks like we're going to keep it running all the time) for the next few weeks, you will get the opportunity to use our thermal printer to send in programmed artwork into an art gallery. Everything will be patched thru directly and printed out. There is no censoring or preselection. So please use responsibly!

Because the installation is exhibited in a old tower at Grono, a village in a valley in the South of Switzerland, we don't really have a good internet connection. We're really limited in bandwidth and can't provide you with a live stream this time. We're sorry about that. But there are some images of the location in the about section to give you an idea on how it all looks like.

To get started, it's probably best to check out the tutorials and the API, as well as the gallery to get some inspiration. Please note, that there is currently something wrong with this site on firefox. Sorry about that. Please use chrome or safari until we have fixed this.

Happy coding,
undef, 2011


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This means hello, but u wont understand it by kuwala

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"haha" by d_effekt
"Figures Hawaii Edit" by konzentrat (original: underdoeg)
"you are here" by d_effekt

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"mui bien! ", derpete -->
"woaawaaah thats awesome!", kuwala -->
"reminds me of Used to love that game :)", underdoeg -->



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